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The Plant Roots Give Strength to A Beautiful Flower Blooming Just Like People Cared For Securely

The plant needed support and providing elements for growth. People who are cared for feel safe and secure. The environment and how plants and people are treated impact their ability to bloom.

A person provided a place where they can be their authentic individual self, where they have an ability to utilize their skills as strengths and develop areas unknown with support shine. A flower with a pot that will withstand the elements in storms and excessive heat with the protection of shade, sunlight and water have the potential to grow and bloom.

As you can see from the picture in just a short amount of time the once small plant with weak roots has started to grow and bloom with support to ensure it is taken care of in all elements. The weather has recently been very extreme, excessively hot for long periods and so providing the plant water gave it strength. The more recent storms have given the plant too much water, but with cover it is protected from both elements.

The outcome, with a balance of care to counteract natures elements it has created an environment for the beautiful red flower to bloom. The care will be ongoing, this is the same philosophy for people in a family, work, school or social environment. We need to check in, ensure they have the care required on an ongoing basis, this will change as the support necessary depends on the needs of the different people. In an effort to ensure we provide opportunities for all to grow and bloom, we need to balance and look at anything that is too much or too little to provide the right amount of care for people to grow independently, safely and securely to bloom into a beautiful flower. Kindness matters because we need to speak kindly while caring for those in our environment, each person requires different things and this is where listening to needs, watching behaviors, communicating and following up accordingly is so vital for successful growth. Everyone can shine and bloom equally, it is up to us to care and to be kind.

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