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Environment Matters with Care the Flowers Build Strength to Expand Blooming Beautiful Red Blossoms

An environment can create strength for all to bloom when there is care and support consistently. This allows for an opportunity to build stronger roots for everyone to thrive even in hard times. The small plant was able to withstand heat, drought and downpours in varying conditions with the consistent care to bloom bigger.

People are like flowers, when supported for growth building on the foundation of roots everyone can work together to provide strength when treated kindly and compassionately. The people behind the others who teach with support are not intimidated by those who are different or shine brighter, they are confident, and this radiates to provide an environment for everyone's growth. There is so much beauty being in an environment where you are acknowledged for your individuality, provided more opportunities for learning and no one is stuck in a comfort zone.

Flowers and plants withstand so much in the extreme conditions of weather in varying climates, however when someone cares and nurtures them to balance providing for their needs they can bloom from a weak small plant into a beautiful group of flowers. The key is consistency, ensuring that the care is done on an ongoing basis to balance the needs of the current environment. We see people the same way in their current environment, if there is no balance or support in a current environment individuals fail to thrive due to the stress or the lack of proper care. Whether it is a young person in a family or school, an adult in work or social when balance and care are not managed for support of an individual, they do not grow into the person they need to be uniquely strong. This is why it is important to have diversity of environment, we can only learn new things and grow when we are outside what we deem as the norm.

People and plants thrive and bloom with care, support and consistency to be beautiful. This takes light, nurturing, speaking kindly and ensuring compassion as well as the opportunity to bloom in a unique way that is different than the current environment respectfully. We can each evolve just like these beautiful flowers together when we make sure that this care, compassion and kindness is in the environment. It starts with us, and knowing sometimes we have to go outside our comfort zone to learn this and as it becomes the point of evolving for an individual to shine their brightest and then it can be shared or given as support to others so we are all our best.

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