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Beautiful Flowers Bloom Brightest in Caring Supportive Environment Like All People Kindly

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Flowers need care and kindness to protect them from environmental elements so that can bloom bright like these red flowers. People require the same type of care in their current environments, because when they do not feel safe, they become fearful, and this can be from learned behaviors never released in families that had to endure hardships to survive. We all experience trauma in life whether through death, detachment, struggles that create harmful ways to cope with stress. The series is written to enlighten people with information that we can shift any dynamic and it starts with being secure and loving yourself first. This is a difficult concept to understand because society and history have taught us that survival is based upon codependency.

One way to create healthier environments with body and mind is to provide awareness that security starts by trusting yourself. When you know you have the power to decide how and what you want your mind gets clarity to understand what type of behaviors from others you will accept and engage in within any environment. Trusting your gut is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself; you can only control your own behaviors and actions this is very empowering information. The right to choose how you feel comes from trusting yourself and if you were raised in, work in, live in or associate within environments that unhealthy behaviors exist, you can choose to change that. Understand this may not happen immediately and requires goal setting, planning and gaining internal confidence to make this occur. When you take control of yourself awareness minus the external distractions, pressures, guilts, chaos, and shame from previously learned codependent behavior patterns which seek external gratification you learn your own true strength, happiness and future depends on you. Self-confidence can shift the mind and body to become healthier as stress is reduced when others are not telling you how to lead your life or what you have to endure for any reasons. You are in control of your life; you take the power with support in environments vs. chaos and distractions that keep you from living your best life. If those in other environments which expect you to accept less than you are do not shift to respectful and supportive you have the choice to kindly remove yourself. Even if you do not make the decision the first time, your new strength, confidence and self-awareness sometimes naturally takes you out of unhealthy situations.

The journey is not easy because you may have to learn that everything you were ever taught or told is not always the healthiest for you. The beauty comes at the end of a cycle when you evolve stronger, radiant, shining, feeling happy and you want to share t with others so that they are aware of information to make their own decisions empowering themselves to feel strong enough, happy enough and not scared. Fear can stifle our lives; it also empowers resilience when we need to overcome challenges and shift our minds to looking at the opportunities within for personal growth. People just like flowers bloom with support, independence, love and care. The information is not about what is wrong, it is to share than an open mind can empower change if you believe and trust yourself to be happy and kind internally. Each flower can bloom bright and shine this beauty.

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