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Unemployment is the Lowest Recorded in PA. Recruiters need to Prepared and Skilled to get Talent.

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Today Recruiting is harder and more high tech than ever, with ATS systems sending automated emails, applying with Social Media, AI platforms utilizing Chatbots to communicate with candidates sort resumes, text, remove bias, interview, etc. Even with all of this technology, candidates are still people and want to speak with skilled recruiters who can answer their questions, follow up and keep them connected about their place in the Recruitment process. If you Recruiter is not up to date on the current trends about Recruiting and does not know what questions to ask to engage candidates, you are probably a victim a high ghosting rates. Recruiting is costing more money with all of the products and services out there to help gain the edge in filling job vacancies. The cost to hire is significantly more today than it ever was, but I am still surprisingly seeing a large number of Recruiter job postings with little or no skills or education required. I am not surprised when I see candidates go on sites posting all over about little or no Recruiter follow up and what they perceive as poor treatment or communication from Recruiters. If you want the best talent, your Recruitment team needs to be skilled, trained, know products, systems, etc. and have qualifications to get it. In addition, a strong Recruitment strategy is necessary as job postings are becoming a thing of the past. Organizations require candidates to fill out long online applications, however it is a formality as more and more recruiting is done by networking, open houses, connecting on social media and sourcing or referring a friend. In addition, I attend as well as speak at Recruiting conferences and networking events all year long, I meet candidates and listen to what current Recruiting trends are, professionals say, products are out there, etc. While at events, I am somewhat surprised to still not seeing a large focus on Diversity and Inclusion topics at events for smaller businesses which are Recruiting focused, etc. As Talent professionals we are missing out if we are not reminding organizations of any size that Diversity and Inclusion is a must in building today's Talent pools. Diversity and Inclusion does not stop at hiring someone who looks different or has a challenge, we must take it further to look at candidates who think differently, are culturally different, have a different backgrounds, socioeconomics etc. In Recruiting, if we are not finding and encouraging a Diverse candidate pool we must look further at why and get involved with initiatives to prevent or eliminate barriers and roadblocks to obtain more candidates. If organizations do not have the time or budget to do this, there are many organizations, initiatives and consultants out there who can help with building diverse Talent pools, training Recruiters, hiring for organizations, providing temporary staff, review Recruiting process, educate on technology, trends, products and gain more exposure for smaller organizations to Recruit effectively.

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