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Tips for Getting a New Career Opportunity

  • Make sure you know the title of the position (ex. Accountant) you are seeking and your resume is tailored to that job posting with all of your skills and experience.

  • Create Applicant Tracking System (online application) friendly resume that includes: Skills and experience, keep it basic in text, font, layout and design.

  • Provide all contact information including name, current, address, phone number and email address.

  • Make sure employers know what job you want.

  • Provide employer names, employment dates ,job duties, education, certification and volunteer or relevant organization information.

  • The more symbols, lines, fancy formatting the less it will feed into an online application and the more work it will be.

  • Use keywords such as accounting, electrician, manager, etc. consistently throughout the resume.

  • Create your LinkedIn profile updated current to match your resume exactly with dates and information as many employers check that with the resume. Keep a professional photo on your profile.

  • Check your spam folder every day as the online application systems sometimes go to junk mail folders.

  • Save your resume as a pdf file format so it cannot be changed.

  • Review your resume and have someone else review it for any revisions and keep it updated.

  • Post it online on sites such as Indeed, Monster, CareerLink, CareerBuilder, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, etc.

  • Let people know you are looking at events, on LinkedIn and ask for referrals from friends to their employers, attend webinars and free certifications, join groups, etc.

  • Create a 30 second talk about yourself/your story, the type of position you are seeking and your skills. Practice, Memorize and Record yourself to perfect it.

  • Attend free online and in person trainings, events, podcasts or webinars consistently.

  • Connect with Recruiters online and at events.

  • Create a jobhunting spreadsheet to track the name of organizations you applied to, sites, contacts, benefits, pay, follow up and rate them for ROI on their efforts.

  • Utilize a Strategy For Searching – different sites, techniques, groups, contacts and ways of searching.

  • Keep in touch with previous employers, colleges, high school, professional organizations, groups ex. Alumni Group or with co-workers of jobs you left and are eligible for rehire.

  • Attend networking events, online and in person to make new connections, join groups.

  • Volunteer at different events, non-profits, to meet and connect with new people while gaining skills to keep you motivated and learning.

  • Take a college course or certification either online or in person to enhance your skills and keep them up with new trends, data and skills.

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