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Talent Pools and Work Life Balance

In light of today's tight labor market, we as recruiters need to think outside the box and consider options that may be available as opportunities for Talent Pool resources. On a recent visit for vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico I was provided some education about the history of the island, as well as conditions post hurricane. I spoke with various people while touring different areas of Puerto Rico and viewing the after effects of the storm.

Currently, the island is in the process of rebuilding however progress is somewhat slow for a few reasons which include insurance, funding and costs to re-building construction with higher quality materials to withstand future storms. I learned that many people just left this beautiful island after the storm and came to mainland United States to rebuild their lives. In recruiting it takes a great deal of expertise to build talent pools of bilingual candidates, one way is by developing relationships with candidates, communities and organizations servicing bilingual candidates. Organizations in need of bilingual candidates for jobs in customer service, call centers, IT, hospitality and any industry could benefit from an opportunity to hire these candidates to work remotely from Puerto Rico and employ those individuals who have relocated areas in the United States who may not currently be employed. There is also real estate for sale in Puerto Rico where companies can build facilities on the island. Puerto Rico is a United States territory, therefore passports and visas are not required to work or travel between the two.

I took the opportunity to learn about all of this by simply having conversations while visiting the beautiful island see the history on a recent vacation. In closing, this was an excellent way to balance life while engaging with a new talent pool which I do for work and to learn.

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