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Interview Skills Training for Candidates - Company Culture and Organization Fit

There are so many recruiting articles and events geared to training candidates for interviews, however most that are out there focus on candidates learning skills to speak with interviewers and hiring managers to get a job. These are very important skills to have for candidates who are seeking employment. However, with the low unemployment rates, the large number of job vacancies and the increasing number of candidates ghosting employers for interviews and start dates for employment we need to do a better job of training candidates on getting not only a job, but a long term employment opportunity.

The type of training needs to teach job seekers about organization culture, career paths and looking for things during the interview process that would create an environment where they can stay for the long term. As 2020 approaches and as 50% of the workforce will be made up of the milenial generation, we as human resources and recruiting professionals need to provide stronger resources to candidates so that they can make the best decisions for a career and not just a job. This type of training will not only help candidates grow their career and further their development, in addition to increasing their income levels it will help employers to create a workforce of the future to grow business.

Currently, there seems to be a trend where new organizations and events are focusing on recruiting and interviewing, but again I think without stronger development to train candidates correctly we as an industry do both candidates and employers a disservice. The goal of recruiting is to not only fill jobs, but to fill job with candidates who will want to stay at an organization for the longer term. If we do not provide stronger candidates, talent pools and a more diverse workforce to fill vacancies the training will do the job it was intended to do.

Recruiters and interview skills trainings need to teach candidates, that they are interviewing companies and hiring managers too. We need to provide resources where they can look at a whole organization to determine if the culture is a place that is inviting to them and they would fit in the environment. For example are they looking for a workplace committed to open communication, when walking through the office are there doors on offices, are they glass and do employees look comfortable in their workspace? In addition, job seekers need to feel comfortable asking questions about the environment in the interview about career paths and how long the average employee has been with the company, as well as future opportunity for advancement.

In conclusion if we prepare candidates a little bit more for the future, we may see some of the current recruiting trends which are problems, including candidates who ghost them or leave within the first six months of employment decrease over time. This is a win for both candidates and employers and just one area the can create a huge benefit to all.

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