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Gratitude Creates an Open Mind of Positive Possibility of a Limitless Future in All Aspects of Life

The mind shift to living every moment and day in a state of gratitude empowers you to be happy you wake of each day with a new opportunity to create your future. The outlook becomes about here is where I am; and I have the power to make my life the best it can be for me as well as those in my environments. As children we learn to live life based upon what we are taught in our family, in school, in social activities, societal trends and what happens in our communities, these are all about everyone but ourselves.

The gratitude mindset is about us and what we can control, which is only our thoughts, actions and behaviors. In taking our focus off of everyone else and everything else we give ourselves the ability to take our power back and be in control of our behavior, you have no power if you focus on everything you are not able to be accountable for which limits our thoughts making us insecure. As humans when we feel out of control, we typically resort back to early behaviors that are trauma responses we learned in our family environments such fight, flight, fawn, etc. If we live our life impacted based upon these behaviors which are reinforced when we stay closely tied to our family, we cannot outgrow these behaviors and we continue these patterns which may be counterproductive to developing our own security or thoughts. In family settings we may focus on bills, what we do not have, what others opinions are, what is going on with everyone it can keep us stuck. If we work, commute, watch tv, post on social media, run around taking care of everyone and everything all day long this clouds our thoughts keeping us focused on what we need to get or do and we are living in lack of all of these things or people. This is a very common way to live in our society, however it keeps us in a constant state of stress and is not healthy, it also keeps us chasing things which is basically being out of control.

Since we have control over our thoughts, actions and behaviors, we can change this and wake up every morning looking at the abundance in our life and environment. The beauty of this is that each person is different, and we all have and need different things to feel happy about, so there is never any competition or comparison about what we already have. This thought process enlightens us to our blessings, we are in control of and shifts the mind to wake up thankful for each breath, nature, what we have accomplished and empowers us to build on this whether to set goals for learning, what we want in our lives or dreams. Gratitude is about us as individuals, we are living in our lane and building on the wonders of who we are and what we have in the present to be limitless in our future. We are in control and are empowered.

When we realize that each day is a beautiful opportunity to make it better, we focus on how we show up and how we impact our environment vs. everyone else or what they do it is amazing. If someone acts in a way we do not agree with, we have the power to show up and improve it or leave it if it does not agree with our goals or values. This is in any environment and any relationship, when we think about how we can impact our life, it can add positively to that of those around us. This also empowers us to see when or what we may have outgrown. Gratitude is all about feeling blessed, knowing we have the power to change how we shape and affect others as well as our environments we know the road ahead is in our control and no matter what the current circumstances we have an ability to make any situation more positive.

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